New Technology For Yardage Improvement

If you don’t think that technology can make a difference in your game you may be in for a surprise.
Up until last golf season I wasn’t a big believer that technology could take my game to the next level, not until my car was totaled.
Let me explain. To make a long story short, my car was totaled and my clubs, which were in the trunk, were severely damaged. I was instructed by my insurance company to get a quote and have them replaced. My clubs were not that old, but I was replacing them with the latest technology. I needed both irons and woods. I went on the advice of the sales person for the best in the latest technology. He was right on the money.
Off we went to Florida for a weeks vacation, new clubs in hand, and excited to try them out. Luckily the weather was beautiful, high eighties every day. We played five rounds and I was hitting the ball a ton. I knew that the warmer weather and dry conditions play a part in distance, but I was hitting the ball a lot further.
Once home I went to the shop where I bought the clubs and had them fitted, only minor adjustments were needed.
Late March in Canada can be warm or very cold. This year Use Of Technology In School it was fairly mild and good spring golf weather.
During that summer in warm weather I was hitting my driver close to, or over, three hundred yards. And my new irons were giving me at least ten yards more distance.
Another thing I did was to try a variety of balls. To my surprise I was hitting a cheaper softer ball further, than a more expensive harder ball.
At fifty nine I am hitting the ball further than I ever have. I have always been a long ball hitter, but up until this year, I may have hit one or two shots over three hundred.
I am not saying that if you get the latest technology you will be hitting the ball over three hundred yards off the tee. What I am saying is that, irregardless of how far you normally hit the ball, new technology, Applied Technology Wilmington University including choosing the right ball for your swing, will more than likely give you a few more yards. If you do choose to invest in new golf technology don’t forget to have your clubs fitted for your swing.

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