North Korea’s Technology of the Future

A lot of countries, led by the United States of America and the United Nations, were not shy about their sentiments of North Korea’s rocket launch plan. But all the begging, threats, and whatnots were all ignored. North Korea almost had the world as its enemy, and the only country who did not oppose was China.
NoKor “Satellite”: the technology Science Issues 2019 of the future burst to flames
From what North Korea claimed to be a weather satellite, the rest of the world thought it was a long range missile test that defies an international treaty that the country signed with the UN. But, a couple of minutes after launch, the rocket burst into flames and only ashes remained from what was supposed to be North Korea’s technology of the future.
The neighboring countries were relieved. The Philippines, although the chances were low, feared that debris from the said rocket launch will fall within their territory. Their government has prepared several plans and warned its people in case of a debris fall. But there was no need for that as 10 minutes after the launch the rocket was no longer seen on any radar.
The rocket launch was in sync to the country’s celebration of the centenary birthday of the nation’s founder, Kim Il Sung. The grandson and current leader Kim Jong Un, although marred by a failed project, appeared on national and international TV for his first nation’s address. His father, the late Kim Jong Il, only made a single nation’s address in his entire lifetime. But a lot were optimistic about Kim Jong Un, who will be having a long reign of the nation.
The rocket launch caused a discontinued food aid from Washington when it warned North Korea about its plans. But on his 20 minute speech in front of his people, the young National Education Technology Plan 2019 leader was full of confidence as it boasted their new arsenal of long range missiles on their parade, something that was never a surprise to the people of North Korea.
A hundred years after the nation was founded, they now hold one of the biggest strongholds in the arms’ race with 1.2 million strong military. North Korea has been a total mystery to the world even though the new leadership has opened its doors to tourists. Who knows, there could be other things that this country has hidden and has made a well kept secret. There are speculations that a nuclear test will soon to follow, and if that becomes a reality will the UN and the United States stop or support NoKor? Or will the country close again and become isolated from what it was decades ago?

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