Online MBA Degree in Mobile Technologies

Mobile technologies and social networking have changed the way we learn, communicate, interact, buy. You are done the traditional way of advertising, based almost exclusively on mass media. This is a fact.
The birth of the new online media, especially Internet, has marked a before and after the marketing and persuasive communication. These media have become new media advertising and at the same time, they have transformed the other means used to give us the publicity.
This postgraduate course is designed for students to acquire the knowledge required to monitor or raising both strategically and creatively, advertising campaigns, both online and in various interactive media.
Any professional connected to the world of marketing and sales, aware of how the digital world is revolutionizing the construction of the marks, you will find this program an opportunity to upgrade and develop their skills lead to better strategies that will result in those media.
Train professionals in the marketing communication for their brands in a personal contact and effectively with potential customers and users.
The technological environment: identification Artificial Intelligence Future of interactive technologies
In this module, pay attention to the main characteristics of the different interactive technologies will be supporting our marketing campaigns from the internet itself, and the great diversity of content provided, internet television as an area most likely to use and exploitation from which we see today, both in particular and corporate level, to interactive television and the world of telephony and mobile devices.
All the analysis is done from the perspective of the journalist, noting how it is performing so far in the industry, but Problems With Technology In The Classroom especially with the desire for innovation in the use of different mobile technologies in the service of advertising.

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