Panasonic 3D TV For Great 3D Viewing

The latest Panasonic 3D TV was released and it uses plasma technology. There are currently only two models available; one 65 inches and the other 50 inches. The VT20 range is there latest 3D offering. The panels are full HD and use 1080p. Many of the other numbers of letters after the model number refers to the different frame and stand options. This TV will be available in April 2010 and has a very high price tag to it, as it costs thousands of dollars.
This TV requires glasses as it uses the sequential frame method of 3D so that the alternating pictures have one for your left eye and the next for your right eye. The glasses are needed to sort out these frames to your eyes are in synch with the TV. Each TV comes with two glasses and you can buy additional frames if necessary. Unfortunately many people have had issues with these glasses as they are not overly sturdy and very hard to keep them on.
Panasonic has also released the largest 3D TV in the world and this is really best for those that love to be immersed in what they are watching. This screen measures 152 Agriculture Technology Management Salary inches and uses 8.84 million pixels. Panasonic uses super-efficient quadruple luminance efficiency technology so the screen is just as bright as your regular HDTV.
Other technology incorporated in to the Panasonic 3D television is crosstalk reduction so there is less overlap between what is seen by each of your eyes. It is not known if this large screen will be available commercially but there are still other excellent 3D TVs that use all of this technology available from Panasonic.
Unfortunately 3D televisions are not cheap and the demand is not overly high for them so it may take a while for prices to come down. These TVS not only play Information Technology Vs Information Systems 3D but the HD component is some of the best on the market and if you are looking for high definition than you may want to investigate 3D televisions as well.

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