Progress Versus Obesity

I read the articles, watch TV and see it in the gyms. Americans are saying that America is becoming obese. I am not going to glorify my article by presenting facts or figures because they all vary from one source to the next. What I will expound about is some simple observations and hope that you, the reader might think about. I am not a health nut nor do I work out on a regular basis. In fact, I was just recently diagnosed Handheld Technological Tools Diabetic due to some of the issues I will be writing about. I also am usually up late at night and see many different infomercials on weight loss and there are countless reality programs on losing weight or promoting fitness. I am also not going to give any workout instruction or tips. I’ll just touch on a few areas at home work or at play that have accommodated our laziness in guise of progress and technology.
The home is the biggest culprit of what I will call my “Obesity Demon”. I think I was about 12, when the first remote control came out. It was only for the TV and was large with two buttons that clicked. This allowed us the convenience of not having to get up all the time to change the 8-15 channels we had. I can’t imagine getting up to channel surf with today’s channel availability. I can’t see annoyed getting up 50-100 times to change the channel. That is on an exciting night when I know what I want to watch. I’ll fast-forward to the laptop. I leave out the desktop as that is becoming extinct. Sitting on the bed I can order a four course dinner while watching an episode of my favorite program (I was too lazy to use the picture in picture on TV). I can grocery shop while talking to a friend. He is showing me a piece of refinished furniture. I don’t have to go over to see it. These things now just take too much energy to move around and get them done. I can even telecommute a few days a week. Now I’m not complaining about that and it certainly saves in other areas but to have to physically get up and move would be absurd. If I could write articles as a full-time J.O.B. I wouldn’t have to leave the house for anything. I believe I bought an auto-feed for the dog and cat.
If I were to go somewhere, my vehicle is almost an auto-pilot drive. Well, my truck in about 5 years from now when I can afford it. We eat at fast food restaurants that are made from processed food and with timed cooking units. Even our 3 and 4 star restaurants purchase pre-cut and measured items. When I went to culinary school we learned many old fashioned ways to cook but were told when we worked at restaurants many of the meals we prepared would already be cut or pre-measured. Sounds crazy but many of these tasks take time and some energy. Our homes and some building are constructed with pre-fab units that came from an automated assembly line that is monitored by a few workers. While manual labor is necessary, it is not cost effective in certain fields. I’m not giving a civics lesson but that labor loss means more people not doing anything but sitting down and pushing buttons.
When I grew up, camping and fishing meant driving to a secluded area, pitching a heavy canvas tent and collecting wood for the fire. Today roughing it is takin the 48′ RV and Quads out for the weekend. It would be too much effort to put up that tend and hunt for wood. Casting and reeling in fish has been replaced by fish monitors and just dropping a line and you got the fish. Hide-n-seek, touch football and bike riding have all but been replaced by interactive video games and handheld computer games. It is here where many of our youths are already learning the meaning of laziness disguised as exercise.
I don’t intend to berate man’s quest for progress and the advancements we have today. I am just pointing out that the more we progress and the less we have to physically do things, the more we have a tendency to become obese. Now some of the examples I have given may be absurd, but I’m sure there are many more examples that can be given in which physical activity has been replaced Gadget Features with automation or some sort of technology. I am also aware that many people today take their exercise very seriously. I am also aware that these minor tasks don’t take the place of physical exercise. But, if you were to add up everything that you do today and think about what it would be like if you did everything yourself in some way, then a few calories would be burned.

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