Reactive Morphing Basketball Court Floor Technologies For the Future of the Sport

During the NBA Playoffs, as the Los Angeles Lakers decimated their opponents, we saw a bit of a rough game and some pretty hard-core jungle ball, a few of the players hit the ground fairly hard, luckily there were no injuries. However, basketball is a tough sport, and players do get hurt. But in the future, we will be able to eliminate this problem. Let me explain.
We need to install reactive morphing surfaces for the basketball court floor, made of materials that release their strong bonds of concrete like strength into an elastic rubbery material. So, when the basketball player Future Computer Technology falls it will fill like landing on sand, not on concrete. This would happen as electrons were shot through the material underneath, within a split second the surface would change, breaking the fall of the player.
Artificial Intelligence Software would be deployed to know the difference between a basket ball bounce, or players running down the court. It would know the difference between a player pushing off to go up for a lay-up Innovative Ideas In Technology 2019 or landing after collecting a rebound. The material would not be throughout the court, only within or inside the 3-point line only, and three to four feet outside the outer edge of the court and 10-feet behind it.
Believe it or not there are already special materials that are now already available with these physical properties and they will get less expensive as time progresses, so within 5-years it will be cost effective to install. It will pay for itself quickly due to fewer injuries from star players, that costs the teams of the MBA a huge amount of money while injured key players sit on the bench recovering.
There are of course many other uses, such as steps, sidewalks, and stairways inside hospitals, assisted living care facilities, and senior centers. Therefore, as the technology gets better and better and the price comes down even more, we can decrease health care costs and increase the quality of life of our aging seniors, and who knows it may even save you from a broken hip or fractured elbow in your old age? Please consider this, let’s put some brains behind these technologies to serve us all.

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