Renewable Energy Is Not Just All Solar and Wind

In this day and age all forms of energy are expensive and getting more so every year. But there is some good news, as time goes by renewable energy gets cheaper. As the name implies renewable energy has the greatest benefit of being renewable. It is not going to run out like the oil beneath the earth.
Renewable energy is not just all solar and wind, there are many other ways to create energy from natural resources. Turning your rubbish into energy is happening in many places around the world. Some schools and large facilities like hospitals are Buying Technology Product creating electricity with machines that mash rubbish down to pellets which then get converted into gas electricity. Even with the costs of running the machine they are making savings from providing cheaper electricity and 95% reduced waste costs.
This is great news because in many areas of the world landfill space is running out, and with the global “green house” effect which landfill sites contribute to globally, reducing this can only be beneficial. Other incentives which are taking off include kinetic energy. Kinetic energy adapters are being used in gyms in New York, USA. Very simply the sweat and energy that is burned on the machines in the gym are being converted into electricity and sent back to the grid. It makes perfect sense.
Currently biodiesel made from camelina is growing in production. The beauty of camelina is that it can grow pretty much anywhere and there are talks and plans to develop a completely substitutable jet fuel.
The Solar PV (photovoltaic) is one growing area which has recently been given a boost with a new scientific way to measure solar radiation. Recently researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have come up with a method Technology Tools In Classroom to present solar data that can be used by us the public, governments and business. This will help when it comes to choosing the right solar technologies as we will be able to measure solar resources in a given region.
Another way to produce energy is from wasted heat. There are companies that specialise in heating, cooling and electricity systems creating hybrid systems that save energy and reduce carbon footprint. For instance a laundry could exhaust heat from the dryers to heat water for the washes. When you use hot water the wasted heat can be being turned into energy to power other appliances. Again it makes perfect sense.
All around the world renewable energy is making waves. It had a slow start but seems to be generating pace now. What is needed is the world to wake up and make a clear commitment to shifting towards renewable energy. There needs to be more research and money spent on development to speed up the innovation process.

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