RFID in Software and Automatic-Identification Technologies

RFID is an essential element of AIDC, Automatic Identification and Data Capture. AIDC has made use of other technologies over the years. Bar codes and magnetic stripes are among the techniques that have been used. RFID-assisted AIDC began in the 1980s.
Back then, the tags were large and cumbersome. The frequency and range of the radio-equipped tags were limited. A direct line of sight was typically needed to ensure the data was captured. Bar codes and magnetic stripes were less expensive and ultimately easier to use. Things have changed in the software and automatic-identification technologies.
Ultimately, the goal is to collect data about the tagged object without involving a person. This reduces the risk of human error and can also help to ensure human safety. RFID-equipped cards can be used to allow or restrict entrance to secured areas.
The tag can be placed on the shoulder of a jacket or other uniform. As the person wearing the tag passes by the sensor, the doors can open automatically. This is beneficial in areas where items are being transported and in other situations.
RFID tags, software and automatic-identification technologies are used to track products and reduce theft. They are often used in libraries and department stores. Sensors are placed at the entrances. If a tagged product passes through the door, an alarm will sound.
It is not necessary to remove the tags to prevent the alarm from sounding. The tags are deactivated by the clerk before being handed to the customer. Most customers would be unaware that a tag was present. The knowledge that the tags are in use acts as a theft deterrent.
Livestock and other animals can be identified and tracked using the tiny tags. Some are small enough to High Tech Industry Definition Geography be inserted under an animal’s skin. The “Home Again” pet tagging system makes use of this technology.
The use of software and automatic-identification technologies is not as widespread as it could be. Lowering the cost of RFID tags and scanners should help to increase the use of the technology. If every item being bought and sold on the planet were equipped with these tiny devices, the benefits would be incredible.
Out-of-stocks would be a thing of the past, because companies would be able to track exactly how many products were being used and/or sold anywhere on the planet. Over-runs would be reduced, if not entirely eliminated for the same reason. Everyone would be safer, because counterfeiting drugs or supplements would be impossible.
Hopefully more companies will start using RFID software and automatic-identification Computer Assisted Education technologies. It would definitely be great for everyone involved.

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