Samsung 40 Inch LCD HDTV

If you have decided to come up from a 32-inch television, you may have considered a set like the Samsung 40″ LCD Technology Tools In Classroom HDTV. These are nice televisions, a bit bigger than the conventional 32 but still not a huge big screen either.
Let’s look at what you can expect from a set like the Samsung 40″ LCD HDTV.
The first thing you will notice is of course the larger screen. You may be able to find all the little imperfections the stars have been hiding from us for years. Especially with the liquid crystal display or LCD.
With the Samsung 40″ LCD HDTV, you can expect:
• 1920x1080p resolution (*note- not all Samsung 40″ LCD HDTV will be 1080p)
• Widescreen aspect ratio
• Built in digital tuner
• 6000:1 dynamic contrast
• Hidden bottom speakers
• Connections 2- HMDI, 2 component video, S video, side AV jacks, and RGB input
• Swivel stand
• 178 degree viewing angle
All that sounds nice however, what kind of ratings is this unit receiving?
Customer Reviews
A New Jersey customer researched many models and sizes with a tech friendly family member and decided that the Samsung 40″ LCD HDTV was the right one. According to the comments left, this customer was not disappointed.
The main thing he noticed was that with high definition cable he was able to count the whiskers on the pitcher during the World Series! That is some serious definition.
Again sound was a small issue as it is not the surround quality that many expect from new technology, but on the Samsung 40″ LCD HDTV, it was better than comparable Applied Technology Degree Usm models. The advice seems to be if you are going to invest in a flat panel television going ahead and get the surround sound system to go with it.
While high definition and HMDI is just now taking off the fact that the Samsung 40″ LCD has two HMDI inputs is nice. One day very soon more things are going to support the 1080p resolution and when it does, you will want a television that can support the different devices.
Another little mentioned feature of the Samsung 40″ LCD HDTV is the parental controls. As television programming progresses, it pushes the boundaries of decency more and more. It is nice to know that television manufacturers are taking the feelings of parents seriously by allowing them to customize what children can watch.

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