Secure All of Your Privacy Rooms With Your Face

Have you felt anxiety or fear when there is a stranger who enters into your privacy room without your permission? In this case FaceGate software can be a solution.
FaceGate is the door access engine with facial identification. It means that to open a room, you do not need a key. The only thing you need is your face. Of course, your face must be registered first at the FaceGate database. And, the door of your privacy room can be opened if your face has been recognized by this software.
You do not need to worry about the security that is provided by this software. The security that is Technology Industry Wikipedia given is high enough because this software uses biometric technology (Face Recognition Technology).
With this software, only you can open the door of your privacy room. It is because only your face is recognizable by the software. Thus, there is no authority for other people to open your privacy room. And also, to open the door, you cannot represent to someone else.
Using this software, you no longer need to require a key to unlock the door of your privacy room. Simply Recent Innovation In Science And Technology “deposit” your face toward the webcam, and then your privacy door will open by itself automatically.
This software is suitable for rooms with special security level, such as the secret room, storage space, personal space in house, suite VIP / VVIP, safe space, and many more. It can also save the entire history of events that happen in your privacy room, so it can be used as evidence if there is something that is not cool. Even, it can be integrated with other information systems and reporting formats that can be tailored to the needs.

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