Some Reliable Research on Solar Energy

We must admit that solar technology is still in its infancy level, but it can be nurtured well to grow up as an adult. To be honest, the future depends a lot on government and private investment. We are really fortunate that big companies are not waiting for any supreme technology like 100% efficiency to come up. They have already started investing billions of dollars and we hope their effort will be a never-ending process like sunlight. Even search engine giant Google has already invested 160 million dollars to set up the biggest solar power tower in the world. Europe, America and Asian countries like Japan and China have been investing billions of dollars each year.

There are 2 options to make solar power available to a large extent. Either we have to increase the efficiency of the traditional energy or we have to find a new technology which is cheap but produces same amount of energy. Using traditional technology we get only 11-16% efficiency, where theoretically it is possible to get 30%. To get most out of sunlight scientists have been doing research ceaselessly. But it is not always possible to bring a product form laboratory to factory, but they will keep doing their work without any break.

Scientists have made a cell called “Grtzel” cell. It does not need direct sunlight like typical solar cell. Moreover, it is cheaper, has more efficiency and it will save wasted land.

“Luminescent Solar Contractor” is also a new technology, where the frequency of the light is shifted to get a different wave length and then the light can be re-emitted.

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Another research includes 3-D nano-cone based solar cell, which can Applied Technology Jobs increase the efficiency of photovoltaic cell about eighty percent!

Another research includes carbon nano-tubes. MIT engineers have been using theses carbon nano-tubes, which can store 100 times more solar power than traditional photovoltaic cells.

Another research called “Photon Enhanced Thermionic Emission” or PETE. This technology uses sunlight twice unlike traditional technology. It is perfectly suited for solar farms not for rooftops.

Even the eyes of flies can be used. It sounds bit fancy, but Ideas For Using Technology In The Classroom it is true. Probably we have to wait bit more for this.

It is believed that solar energy will develop exponentially. It is doubling every two years. So, if it continues like this way, only 20 years is needed to provide us with 100 percent supply! According to International Energy Agency (IEA), quarter of the world’s energy need would be provided through solar energy by 2050 and according to European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) and Green Peace International, the investment in solar technology all over the world would be double by 2015. They also believe that 12% of Europe’s total energy by 2020 and 9% of world’s total energy by 2030 could be met by solar PV. There have been some major issues with the pricing of PV panels, but is very inspiring figure that since 2005 price dropped 40% and more 40% is expected to drop by 2015. Good luck solar energy!