Sony BDP-S570 – Simple Yet Pleasing Looks

Sony BDP-S570 is a really sleek looking player even though it doesn’t have that flip down panels which a lot of BD players are getting these days in order to look cool. I would recommend you to get some good home audio systems with this player to complement the awesome looks. I found out about the player while surfing through new technology articles on the internet. The front panel is glossy and is an indent on the bottom where you have the USB port and front panel controls. These controls are hybrid of standard physical buttons and touch-sensitive buttons. Sony has been trying to do this on its home audio systems too. You won’t find a big button here unlike a lot of other players out there instead; there are tiny nubs which give physical feedback. There is a good balance between usability and style. Absence of flip-down panel means that the looks of the player won’t be compromised if you use the front USB port.
New technology articles have included the review of this player and they say that its remote is pretty identical to Sony’s previous Blu-ray players. There is just one major difference, the eject button has It Technician Job been brought back by the manufacturer. I thought that the layout is very well made with directional pad close to the thumb right where it needs to be. The play controls too are well placed on the bottom.
The looks of the remote and the player itself is really cool but if you are getting home audio systems to connect with the player, there will be another remote to juggle with. You can control the Sony BDP-S570 with an iPhone app called ‘BD remote’. It is made by Sony itself. I really liked the idea because there will be times when you’d prefer using the touch keyboard on the iPhone instead of the keys on the remote. Advancement In Technology Articles However, the app execution could have been better. The screen of the handset doesn’t replicate what you see on the HDTV so you have to first look on the display of the phone while pressing the buttons and then look on the HDTV for seeing the response. I think Sony is working on it and will soon get the HDTV content on the phone display soon. I won’t recommend using this feature heavily until Sony gets there.
Just like most of the Sony players out there, the Sony BDP-S570 is based on the company’s XMB interface. I liked the design but there is some learning curve for understanding the logic of its layout. The different types of media (like videos, photos, music) are laid out horizontally with setup menu. I was glad to see that the navigation here is really zippy (but still not up to the PS3 standards) so it is easy to get around menu. New technology articles of this product too agree with this. They say that the fast navigation is always welcome. Blu-ray playback is clubbed along with all the services of streaming media under Video icon.

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