Sony Working on New Kind of Laser That Might Replace Blu-ray!

Technology is really growing in a fast way and just few years back Blu-ray technology has been introduced which opened the new era in the field of optical disc technology, but recently we cam to know that there is a another new update has been popped up from Characteristics Of Instructional Technology Sony and the company is now working on a new kind of laser for optical disc. This new laser will not be as common as others but it will be totally different in its features and in its performance. It is new kind of blue violet ultra fast pulsed laser.
There is not much detail about this new gadget but they have mentioned that this new laser technology will definitely replace the Blu-ray. Most people don’t even have Blu-ray player in their home so there is no major change for them. Some good information about this laser is that it is capable of reading a disc which is 20 times the capacity of the current generation of optical storage. People are waiting to see new kind of magic that Sony will What Is Agricultural Biotechnology do with this new laser. Basically the truth is that Sony is only developing this new laser and they haven’t talked about that if it will replace the Blu-ray format. If this new laser could read 20 times the capacity of current optical storage then it also means that the blue violet based player could have more than 50 movies on one disc which is pretty cool. You will very soon see that when it will come to the market and how much it will cost.

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