Source Technologies Toner and Printer Products

Source Technologies is a beast of a company. They fit everything that a giant printer can do into a tiny one that you will barely even notice is there. It’s unreal how they put that much power and quality into a little machine. The ST9612 has a sleek design while it internally has a 400 MHz processor speed and a 35 page per minute printing ability. It can print the first page in 6.5 seconds. The printer can make all of this happen with a crisp 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution. The paper capacity is 801 sheets which will help to maximize the use of your time.
You can be printing up to 50,000 pages per month which will also help with any time issues. Your business will be soaring with the amount of saving you are going t be doing simply from adopting this one piece of equipment. This is just one particular unit available from Source Technologies. All of their products are just as great. This one happens to be a new and improved model which is just helping them come out with more like it and ones that are even better. The toners are Agriculture Degree Courses a great match for this machine too. It really helps your business stand out when your company is the one with the best looking documents and photos. The photo printing features are sweet. They let you take charge of your company and really show off. The inks last a long time too. You won’t be changing them very often, but when you do it is an available option for you to get ink cartridges that are spill proof and they can be replaced individually to save time and money.
All Source Technologies products are superior to most other companies. Their ST9652 is a bigger model that works even faster than the ST9612. It prints at speeds of 55 pages per minute with the same optimal quality of 1200 x 1200 dpi. The touch screen is 9″ to make commands easily from. This means that you won’t Using Technology Definition even need your computer to put in data. You can plug it right in to the USB port when you’re not using the 10/100 base Tx Ethernet network. The processor is 4600MHz and there is a 256MB RAM standard memory in the machine with an upgrade option of 1.2GB RAM. How much more could one office possibly need?

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