Source Technologies Toner Printer Products For Heavy Traffic Users

Source Technologies is a great printer company but may not be right for heavy traffic users. The reason for this is they aren’t the newest company so they don’t have as advanced of printers as other brands may have. Some are good but I personally haven’t seen anything above and beyond by them lately.
For example, one of their very small units, the ST9620 is a black and white laser printer. Granted, it does pump out 40 pages per minute and allow a 300 sheet holding maximum before upgrades, but it is still in black and white. It saves a lot of space and is network-ready for your office setting. It includes duplex printing standard and a 50 sheet automatic multipurpose Latest It Tools And Technologies feeder. This particular unit is affordable because of its size and still has a 466 MHz processor with a 64MB of standard memory. This gives high quality printing at a low quality price. It is easy to use, has step-by-step instructions on the screen and supports all different media types. This printer is a good printer, but it is not ahead of its time anymore.
The printer company understands that times are changing and the advanced demands keep getting bigger. That’s why they have made their printers easy to use and work fast. Source Technologies has good products. They just sometimes are missing one or two important elements. The only part that I don’t like is that it is in black and white. This does save on toner cost but most people print a lot in color now. It just doesn’t make any sense to build machines without color toner.
Their toner cartridges have a 15000 Yield and are designed and tested to exceed standards according to ANSI and ABA. They are quite expensive but claim to do optimal printing of text, graphics and documents. If you are into black and white prints this actually is a pretty good printer. If this computer came out 15 years ago it would be on top of its game. The fact that it can do everything at such high speeds and volumes makes it almost OK that it only prints in black and white.
This actually is a good printer for printing scripts. It is fast and efficient and scripts usually don’t require color. Other text documents that only require black toner will benefit from this printer as well. It just seems like Latest Technology News In Computers it is rather expensive in comparison to other available more advanced products. But it does get the job done fast so that is really a toss-up. Just do your research and decide what you need before you make a final decision.

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