Spy Gadgetry at Its Best!

Today is a monumental day for Gareth. He is the owner of a wholesale toy business in a large cosmopolitan city in South Africa. The business is ten years old and growing at a steady pace. Gareth is doing well for himself bar the fact that he absorbs a two hundred and fifty thousand rand loss due to staff theft from the warehouse annually. All previous attempts at securing the warehouse have failed. All attempts that is, until today. Today Gareth is placing mini digital video recorders inconspicuously all over the warehouse. They are so small they are not noticeable unless one is specifically looking for them. He knows with certainty that within the next couple of days he will have been able to identify the culprits who are carrying away his profit. Only he knows about the cameras so there can be no leaks. He’ll have all the proof he needs to root out the riff-raff.
Today is a monumental day for Bartholomew. He’s cracked his first case. His detective agency has only been open for three weeks and his first client, Cindy is set to meet him at 10am to go over the details of the case. Cindy has been suspicious for months that her husband Eric is having an affair. She came across Bartholomew Computer Repair Technician Salary on the net and decided to find out what is on the go once and for all. He has been scoping out hotel rooms, restaurants and even a fun fair. True, he is a rookie, but he has all of the right paraphernalia to back-up his findings as he is to present them to his client. Today will not be a good day for Cindy.
Today is a monumental day for Morganna Harrow. She and Sebastian, her husband, have been trying to fall pregnant for four years. It has been a long and rocky road of hopes dashed and emotional roller coasters. As tears of joy and relief glide down her cheeks she puts the positive pregnancy test into the kit bag she has made up especially for this time, for these events as they unfold. In the kit is a spy-pen that will record Sebastian’s reaction when she hands him the test to reveal the momentous news. At Baby Harrow’s twenty-first birthday celebration, years from now, all and sundry will be able to see the abandoned happiness with which her father reacted when he found out that they were expecting her. Baby Harrow will treasure the kit her mom has saved for her. The kit in which the positive test and the spy-pen have been preserved for posterity, will bear testimony to the fact that she was indeed longed for and wanted by her parents more than anything in the world.
Today is a monumental day for the Grade 7’s at Risidale Primary School. They have been back from summer camp for a couple of days and now have the opportunity to address the school assembly regarding their trip. The lights dim and pretty soon the entire school is splitting their sides as footage of Miss Brown accepting the shock candy as a gift is displayed for the world to see. Her reaction to the practical joke is hilarious and definitely something that the campers will treasure and hold as unforgettable in years Computer Technician Salary Nyc to come. Who would have thought the old goat had a sense of humour after all. Thanks to the Scott twins and their spy-camera, the moment has been captured to be lived and re-lived. Miss Brown has secretly boot legged a copy for herself. As she watches it, she recalls so many of those summer camps and the fact that for some reason so many students experienced her as austere. She remains nostalgic and treasures those precious moments captured, the fun, the laughter, the beauty of youth and the companionship.
Today is a monumental day. Somewhere in the world, there are moments that need to be captured – for whatever purpose; and everywhere in the world there is technology to capture these moments. These technologies are now at every layman’s fingertips. Yours and mine. These technologies hold the answers to the unanswered questions in the lives of so many. Business and personal. These technologies hold the proof and evidence sorely needed. These technologies nurture and preserve those magical moments, that thanks to them, will be remembered now and in the distant future.

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