Technology Is Ever Advancing, News Indicates 2011 As a Big Year

Technology, or technologies as it is sometimes referred to as, is built in to pretty much everything in the 21st Use Of Technology In The Classroom To Enhance Teaching And Learning century. Even the humble office desk, made from wood, was created and shaped with thanks to technology.
The industrial revolution and tens of revolutions before that are all a part of how technology has shaped our world today. If you look outside of your house window for example I bet that you’ll be able to see cars, power lines, satellite dishes and lots of other ‘physical’ objects’. However what you can’t see is all the data being transferred, and wave lengths, which if you could see, would make visibility less than 100 Meters much like fog does.
Technology News headlines around the world have most recently covered the Mobile World Congress, which itself covers consumer electronics in the form of portables, which Smartphones and Tablet PC’s come under. All of these 2011 devices are far more advanced than their 2010 counterparts, and many of them far surpass the usual view on an ‘upgrade of an existing product’.
This technology news coverage has allowed people to already see that devices are increasingly becoming more and more advanced, and to be honest, you as the consumer are spoiled for choice when it comes to portable consumer electronics devices.
This 2011 I will be watching the news headlines and seeking out high profile technology advances which are set to come soon, and personally, I am looking forward Applied Technology Degree Usm to space technology and scientific technological advances which are to shake the world with breakthroughs in space exploration and medical breakthroughs.

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