Teleseminars: An Introduction

TELESEMINARS… Best Tech Gadgets 2018
With continuous advances in technology, more and more equestrians are turning to teleseminars as a resource for current industry information. Clinics, seminars and conferences will always be part of equestrian development but with the advent of teleseminar technology, access to experts from all over the globe has become simple and inexpensive.
What are Teleseminars? While teleseminars have become commonplace in many industries, they are just beginning to catch on with equestrians. Many equestrians don’t know what a teleseminar is or how they work. Allow me to help you with that. There are a few different types of teleseminars. Agricultural Technology History What they all have in common is that they occur over the telephone or an online phone system like Skype. They are somewhat different from a webinar because a webinar typically has a visual part to it – like watching an online PowerPoint presentation. Teleseminars are simpler.
How do they work? The purpose of a teleseminar is to provide information from an expert, to someone who is interested in the topic. The host of the teleseminar will arrange for a conference line where he/she hosts the event. Listeners will receive the date and time to call, the phone number to call, and an access code to make sure they are listening to the correct presentation. In most cases the listener simply listens to the information given. Sometimes there is an opportunity for questions and answers but not always. Frequently the listeners are muted so that only the host(s) can be heard.
What does it cost? Many teleseminars are free (except for calling charges from your phone company) if they are just a one-time informational call. There are also teleseminar programs where you enroll in a series of teleseminars on a topic of interest. These are very much like a course or class and usually you would pay to participate in the series.
I’m busy! Today, most teleseminars are recorded and a downloadable MP3 file of the call is made available to people who register. This way, people can register for the call but if they aren’t available at the time the call takes place, they can download the recording and listen to the call at a more convenient time. I put a lot of teleseminar recordings on my iPod and listen to them in the car on my way to the barn and back.
Sweet! Teleseminars are a great way to learn about the latest information from experts in the field, without having to travel to a convention to do it. This virtual medium makes it convenient for you to connect with specialists who provide you with valuable information in an easy to use format. Plus, you can participate in your pajamas or from your car – wherever there’s a phone.
Try it! Simply do a web search using key words including a topic that you’re interested in and the word “teleseminar” to see what you can find. For example, you could search “Horse Show Success Teleseminar” and see what you can find.
Welcome to the world of Teleseminars!

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