Test iPhone 4 Software and Keep Apple’s New Phone For Free

If you’re wondering how you could get an Apple iPhone 4 G for free then keep reading. I will show you how you can get this cool new gadget with only a tiny amount of “work” (if you can call it that way).
Application testing is big business and companies that manufacture software for mobile phones and handheld devices need ordinary people to subject their products to testing in every day real life situations. You could be one of them and end up with an iPhone 4 without spending a single cent on it. That’s because software companies buy phones in bulk and they let the testers keep them in return for their services instead of paying them in cash and then trying to sell used iPhones on eBay. The software that you will need to test ranges from mp3 players and document viewers to GPS navigation software so, as you can see there is nothing overly complicated.
So here’s what you Computer News Sites will have to do:
1. Find a good testing program and apply.2. After they send you the details decide if you want to participate or not.3. Wait for the courier to arrive with the iPhone.4. Use the company’s software just like a regular buyer would – only when necessary.5. After a week, fill in the survey that came with the iPhone and mail it to the company.6. Enjoy your new FREE iPhone.
As you can see the tasks are pretty easy and won’t interfere with your daily schedule. Plus, you won’t need any previous Duties And Responsibilities Of A Technician experience or references to participate. So don’t miss this amazing opportunity as spots get filled pretty fast.

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