The Advantages of Employing Qwest IQ Integrated Access

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become an essential component to running a successful business, so much so that choosing not to employ VoIP services has essentially become taboo in the corporate world. The increase in VoIP popularity has brought with it a huge wave of providers that offer varying options in terms of choices in VoIP services. A number of VoIP providers offer complex interactive voice response (IVR) suites to select from and utilize the full breadth of your business’ network, while others use local line infrastructures. Today I’m going to talk (or rather, type) about Qwest’s iQ Integrated Access.

Qwest iQ Integrated Access combines data and voice over a T1 circuit without requiring you to replace your existing telephone equipment, making the transition from traditional phone service to VoIP simple and cost efficient. Qwest iQ Integrated Access is ideal for both single and multi-location companies to access the Internet, transfer data, and conduct two-way calls via IP in real-time. Furthermore, Qwest’s iQ Integrated Access permits calls between your business partners and locations that are also on the Qwest VoIP network for no additional cost.


Enhanced effectiveness – data and voice needs are bundled into one for easy management

Cost savings – reduce overall expenses by leveraging your current investments in key system and private branch exchange (PBX) equipment to combine Latest Technology Trends 2018 both data and voice on one circuit. Qwest iQ Integrated Access also allows calls between locations on the Quest VoIP network at no additional fee

A straightforward solution – Qwest iQ Integrated Access provides data, local, long distance and international voice from a single provider

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Unlimited on-net Technology Issues Meaning and local calls

Selectable voice mail capabilities

Termination to current key system or PBX equipment

The ability to consolidate several types of traffic over a single circuit

Customer portal for managing adjustments to your hunt-group feature

Dynamically allocated bandwidth amid data and voice channels in real-time

Data speeds ranging from 1.5 Mb per second to 3.0 Mb per second supported

As many as 46 voice lines are available without compression for each T-1 circuit

Feature configurations are customizable to meet your unique daily requirements

How It Works

Qwest iQ Integrated Access is an IP-based solution that incorporates both local and long distance calling with Internet access on one circuit. Using VoIP technology, Qwest iQ Integrated Access provides real-time dynamically allocated bandwidth between data and voice. The best part is, when your business’s phones are not in use, you gain the benefit of employing your entire circuit for Internet access.