The Blackberry Curve 3G Is Quite Affordable

The key features of Blackberry’s new Curve 3G are, of course the inclusion of 3G network coverage, along with Wi Fi, GPS and access to the famed Blackberry Messenger. The device also comes complete with a digital camera, expandable memory and a full multimedia player capable of video and audio playback.
Aesthetically, a chrome trim is the only feature to set it apart from the Curve 8520, otherwise the same 320 x 240 pixel LCD display and full QWERTY keyboard remain. The keyboard is probably one of the best on the market, though it is compact, Elderly Tech Support the buttons have been mounted individually and they are well spaced, so hitting the keys is an easy and accurate process. The optical track pad is responsive and acts as the main interface navigation tool and main action button.
The menu system has been set-up with colourfully outlined icon based widgets, each opening a sub menu full of applications. The Blackberry 5OS is a tried and tested platform and regular Blackberry users will be used to the standard usability, Problems With Digital Technology but RIM have promised the inclusion of software updates with there latest Blackberry 6OS now released. There is also an online app store which can be accessed by the Curve 3G; it has tons of additional applications ready for download.
With online aspects becoming more and more mainstream in mobile technology, the demand for fast download speeds and reliable connectivity is ever growing. RIM has answered these demands with the addition of 3G. The Curve 3G allows users to download content, surf the web, send and receive e-mails and manage there social network accounts quicker than ever before. And one of the biggest features the Curve range runs, the BBM, now runs aster and smoother for a better quality live communication experience.
thanks to the Blackberry Curve 3G’s sharing features, users can shoot videos or capture still images and upload them to the likes of YouTube and Facebook for the world to see. The camera is a basic 2MP effort with fixed focus, though the clarity is not the best it will cover your general day-to-day snaps and videos without a hitch. The built-in navigation includes pre-installed GPS and Blackberry Maps, so losing your way is a thing of the past.
Where media is concerned the device is well kitted out with support for multiple video and audio format playback, the phones memory can be upgraded thanks to the microSD slot and the Bluetooth technology allows wireless device communication with compatible hardware. The Curve 3G can take 3.5mm AV connections for headphones and headsets and can be synchronized with your PC or work computer for ultimate organization.
RIM have supplied users a phone safe in there minds that it will help users in all aspects of life. The online features and messaging capabilities give the phone an edge where the socially conscious users are concerned and the phones business support features with e-mail and organiser applications gives the phone depth where business users are involved. The Blackberry Curve 3G is quite affordable, very professional, and provides users with a very smooth smartphone experience.

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