The Cost of Keeping Up With Technology

As the new iPad is unveiled, how many people are rushing out to buy it even though their current iPad works just fine?
For adults who grew up years before the technology boom, most learned patience and were willing to use whatever they had until it broke or just didn’t work anymore. Times are very different today for people of all ages, but especially for the “I want it now–spoon feed me” generation.
Every time a new-and-improved electronic device hits the market, I can’t help wonder how anyone is able to keep up with the cost of technology when things change so quickly. I can also hear kids everywhere begging their parents for the latest “toy.” And yes, to many kids, these devices are just that — expensive toys. Cell phones are used for taking photos and videos, texting, playing games, and social media. Rarely do kids actually talk on them. iPads and similar devices are just a bigger version for the most part. The majority of kids aren’t using their electronics for work and schools haven’t gone completely digital either yet. And let’s face it, how many kids actually read full-length books anymore, digital or printed? But yet they still want the newest version of whatever they have because it’s just not cool to have last year’s model.
If an adult works hard and can afford to buy themselves the newest version, that’s great. They’ve earned it. However, while parents may have Technology Development Topic the means to buy their kids the latest technology, what happens when those kids go off to college or are supposed to be self-sufficient?
Unless parents are willing to continue funding their kids’ technology habits, they are setting them up for a rude awakening and big Industrial Engineering Technology Logistics disappointments later on when they find out how much things really cost and how expensive it is to always buy the newest version.
While it’s great that technology constantly improves, do we really need to replace the model we just bought 6 months or a year ago? If it’s still working fine, maybe it’s a good idea to save the money and wait just a wee bit longer because chances are, another feature will be added or something else will be improved upon before too long. And if the cost isn’t a factor, think of how many perfectly good devices are going into landfills or to e-waste and recycling centers simply because someone got tired of it or they couldn’t live without the latest model.

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