The Difference Between Audi S and RS Models

Audi has gone from a car company that had reliability problems in the 1980s to one that builds quality, beautiful Artificial Intelligence Ppt cars. The company offers a number of models. In this article, we take a look at the S and RS models available.
The Audi R8 is a very high performance car. It is also an anomaly in the lineup of the company. How so? It is the only high performance Audi offering that is a self contained model. In contrast, Audi uses a step up approach on many of its models when it comes to performance. The company will offer a base version of a particular model and then versions that are improved in some way. This is where the S and RS designations come in.
The S versions of Audi models are the first step up from the base models. The S is often thought to stand for “sport” because the upgrades are primarily related to performance. Most Audis come with an S option. The option includes improved brakes, a stiffer suspension and an engine stepped up for high performance. The S versions of Audis also come with the Quattro four wheel drive system that is famous for providing even power and better car control.
The RS designation is a special one with Audi. It refers to RenSport, which means racing sport in German. The RS designation is found less often on many models because it represents a major jump in performance from the basic model. The car is not just added to, but completely redesigned Green Biotechnology Review Paper in many cases. This is done at the Quattro Factory, a subsidiary of the parent Audi company. The RS version of cars usually incorporates the latest technology advances the company has to offer. Many incorporate technology used in Lamborghinis since the company is now owned by Audi.
Buying the S designation of an Audi model will give you a sport car. Buying the RS version will give you a puma. Each step up in performance comes with the appropriate price increase.

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