The Information Technological Ways of the Early Humans

Information technology is all connected with Internet and Computers and though these are innovative inventions but information technology is as old as our brain. Our brain is our information processor and this is all what information technology is about as it tries to keep a track record of all the details and helps to store them in an organized way that make retrieval easy.
So in easy terminology Technology is all about storing, processing and making use of the stored information.
With the expansion of the human population the need to collect data and information and transmitting the information has arisen. The human brain Technology In The Classroom Statistics also represents a form of Bio Information Technology as the first humans have also tried to transmit information through mechanical means.
The paintings and pictures on the cave walls were means of transmitting information and the humans have been involved in information technology from early times.
Their transmission tools were the clay that were colored with various pigments with which the early man left images on the cave walls.These pictures tell us stories about their animal hunting culture and also give details about their way of life. Maybe these images were a part of a hunting game and this was their way of passing information to ensure a successful hunting plan.
The invention of the writing system which includes pictograms and sign writing was their way of keeping records. And with passing time the development of more complex societies evolved and changes took place with new concepts of sign language and an alphabetical system which were further developed to keep up with the detailed and efficient record keeping.
Storing and preserving the information was a real challenge for the How Educational Technology Helps Teachers human race as they had to inscribe it on clay, and animal skins.

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