The Latest News on the Toshiba 3D TV

The Toshiba 3D TV was recently released! They’re calling it a smart TV as it can convert 2D television signals into a 3D program. This series is the ZX900 cell TV. These will become available in the US at the end of 2010 and can be found in two different sizes; 55 inches and 65 inches. Currently there is no price information available.
This television is unlike any TV available and you can view anything in 3d. This is great as currently there is no content being filmed in 3D for television as you only can get 2D signals. You can view movies, shows, sports and What Is Applied Technology In Middle School video games all in 3D. Much of this technology is due to the multimedia chip that has been used for advanced computers and very high end gaming systems. The new chip as 143 time’s greater processing power than standard TVs.
While this is a highly specialized TV it has been designed to be able to be used by anyone as you can transfer any media file form your computer to the TYVs hard drive. It can be connected Article On Education And Technology to the internet so you can stream videos directly from Pandora or Netflix. Cell TV also can be used like a video phone so you can Skype and talk to friends and family around the world.
3D TV is the next technology leap for televisions with most companies providing models in the near future. These TVS all use LED backlighting and incorporate all the latest technology including some you have yet to see. You can almost think of this as the ultimate computer and TV all wrapped into one package.
It comes with an 802.11n wireless networking capability, 1GB internal memory, USB playback, built in camera, integration software, wireless HD, DLNA media server, internal BD drive, microphone and much more. You will use ths TV for more than just watching shows.

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