The Little Online White Lie

We have all been there, tensions high, adrenalin rushing, trying to introduce the intentional perfect white lie into our daily actions that will gloss over the fact we Applied Technology Wilmington University don’t want to hear the apparently fascinating details about our friends’ new pet rat, or that we don’t want to watch our cousin’s family holiday video to Blackpool.
Basically, we are all just massive liars. The art of deception is easier for some than others and even more so online but where does it stop? Modern technologies and the open space of social media make it a lot easier to communicate to people but has anyone actually had the ‘I’m too ill to come and see you today’ over a tweet, or the inbox Facebook message that says ‘I’m stuck in traffic and won’t get back in time’.
Fifteen years ago if you didn’t like someone you would fabricate the truth and would probably get away with the ‘I was sick’ white lie. Now though, there is always the chance of your cover being blown: some of you get tagged in wild photographs on Facebook, you tweet about the fabulous journey in your new skoda roomster, Scotland is where you’ve checked into via FourSquare and then you stumble upon a review about the club you are about to visit that evening. Basically, by this point your definitely in the doghouse.
With text messages, emails, inbox messaging on Facebook, tweets, and the lack of physical verbal communication is it any wonder that we are lying more and more every day. Fabricating stories so that we can get out of doing something instead of just holding our hands high Touch Commerce and saying ‘No thank you’. Is it because we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings? Is it because we are just too sensitive to hear negative comments these days or is it just that the social online networks and mobile technology make it just that little bit too easy.

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