The Missile Envy Obviously Continues – Humans and Their History Are So Predictable

During the Cold War, there was a famous book written titled; “Missile Envy” and it was a spoof on the reality that our military and perhaps the RAND Corporation were busy calculating the survivability of a nuclear war. It was estimated at one point that the Russians had more ICBM nuclear missiles than the United States, and therefore we must produce more. Okay so, in considering that from a historical hindsight perspective, I’d like to talk to you a little bit about what’s happening today.
In the Wall Street Journal on December 8, 2012 there was a very interesting article by Chester Dawson “Tokyo Shows off Its Missile Defense,” which noted that the Japanese wanted the world and their local neighbors to understand that they could fend off any attack. Who might attack the Japanese? After all, they are using US military technology, and the US has bases there, so no one would be that stupid would they?
Well, it appears that in December or early January of 2012 the North Koreans will launch another rocket, and Japan is letting them know that if it passes over or near any of their islands they will dutifully shoot it down out of the sky without any hesitation, reservation, or technological challenges. This also comes after the Japanese and the Chinese have been squabbling over territorial waters and the rights to various islands which are plus or minus in what either nation considers its territory or areas in which it maintains a strong presence or influence. To which there are endless debates with historical facts, and some pent-up animosity going back to World War II.
It seems like whenever one nation feels threatened, it decides to launch a missile as a demonstration. As soon as that happens another nation will host war games or put out global media propaganda about a new missile defense shield. It seems as if this is a never ending game Biotechnology In India of saber rattling, and perhaps it’s been going on throughout mankind’s warlike history. It is doubtful if things will change in the near future, or even if they will change in this century – meanwhile the missiles are getting more powerful, more accurate, and more plentiful.
Rocket technology after World War II was only possessed by a few nations, today everyone has the capability, and if you doubt that they will shoot up a missile just to prove you wrong. Some might say there is just too much testosterone, or too many warrior-like genes on the planet. What it is Artificial Intelligence Pdf really all about is human nature with technologically advanced weapons. It’s what they’ve been doing perhaps even before they were able to walk upright waving sticks and pumping up their chests. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this from a philosophical and historical perspective.

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