The Sleep Aid Business is a Big Market Sector – Which Technologies Might Prevail?

Humans seem to need sleep regularly to keep their bodies and their immune systems working right. Too much disruption of the “circadian rhythm” and things start going south very quickly, and folks who have sleep problems can tell you first hand. Not long ago, I was talking with the inventor and marketer of a brilliant device, a pillow with soothing speakers to make sleep super refreshing and deep. It is a great idea, and although I have no idea if this works, I imagine that it could be the next best thing to sliced bread.
Indeed, I believe you can find this product online with a little bit of searching, I did notice a picture and it looks like it could work, if the science backs up this sleep theory concept. Not sure. However, I noted that the inventor told me that “there is over 70 million people Essay On Technological Change with sleeping problems.” Which makes sense and I’d say in the US alone. I imagine it’s only going to get worse due to frequency pollution, more density in the city, and more dysfunctionality from overbearing electronic media, that people seem addicted too, and won’t turn off.
Also people shouldn’t sleep with cell phones in the room, and too much artificial light in front of the computer is a problem, not to mention diet, caffeine intact increases, etc. It’s going to be a growth industry for you. Someday I bet Technology Development Pdf people buy Faraday Cages to sleep in to block out the noise, sound, frequency pollution from cell towers, ultra-sound from wind farms, buzzing from home electronics, WiFi, WiMax, 4G wireless, the works? What are your thoughts on that?
The inventor asked; “wouldn’t it nice if they [those with sleep problems] could go to a website that they can start talking about their sleep challenges, or find some honest answers?”
Indeed, I admitted, it’s a good idea, as I understand it, people with real issues like poor sleep issues such as; apnea, etc. need help. I like to watch the academic videos online from Stanford’s Sleep Institute, quite a good amount of research there. Some cutting edge stuff, and there was a guy from Harvard who did all those studies on night-time workers too. And, I’ve noted that since the US military has used drugs to keep warfighters and pilots alert, they’ve been noticing psychological challenges too, you know like truck drivers who used to take “No Doze” and the like.
Hard to say, but when someone cannot sleep they wear down their will to keep going right? Isn’t that why sleep deprivation is used in interrogation? Breaking down the will of soldiers during training and boot camp to fight, or regimenting college students to take in information, submits to authority? It’s a strategy; it’s been used for 10,000 years. If you have sleep problems maybe this topic is of interest to you?

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