Thinking About a Future Career in Hydrogen Cell Technology?

What sort of green job might you like to do in the future? How about Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology? Wouldn’t that be a wonderful green and Apple Gadgets 2018 alternative energy career for you? Indeed, but what if you live in the North Eastern part of the US; where can you find such a job?
Well, first you need to get some schooling and you might be quite happy to learn that there are schools, engineering and chemistry majors at some of the top US Universities in the North East. Not long ago someone mentioned to me that the “work and research related to Hydrogen fuel cells would interest, but the chances of anything in the northeast anytime soon is slim at best, or so it seems.”
Yes, those are some good points, but indeed, there really are some wonderful research projects going on in the Northeastern US, such as well, how about Eaton Corporation for instance, that might be worthy, they have research near the border of OH and PA; and Battelle too in Columbus, OH.
Some stuff in Canada (Toronto and Montreal) where they are actually implementing systems and government vehicles. The US Government also has stuff going on in and around Washington DC. Also there are some folks at MIT, and other tech schools. Hydrogen Cells are a great technology and we need to utilize this source.
My thinking is using NH4, as nitrogen won’t hurt anything and there are four hydrogen atoms in each molecule, and we have a lot of that gas, and can get more easily. Ammonia isn’t bad either, and natural Global Industry Information gas could be used to get the hydrogen. Water only yields 2 hydrogen atoms, but also makes sense, challenges of course are numerous, but the future should yield all the technology we need to get it done.
If you’d like to learn more about Hydrogen Cell Tech, Ballard puts out a great online newsletter. Please consider all this.

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