Tiny Israel – One Eye and Hand For Defense, All Else Innovating Technology – Second Only to the US!

It is now sixty-two years since the United Nations offered world Jewry a tiny sliver of barren, waterless land in the MidEast, the size of Wales (only 7% of the British Mandate area, which was supposedly set aside for a Jewish homeland – 70% given to the Palestinian Arabs as Jordan). The proffer to the Jews was clearly due to international guilt feelings, the nations of the world having done nothing to save six million helpless Jews from Hitler’s holocaust. Fledgling Israel was then forced to defend itself from an immediate attack by five Arab armies; defeating them – only to be attacked again after some years – victorious again, then still again, each time triumphant (however, never bombing an Arab capital in retaliation – but still never achieving true peaceful co-exsistence): 1949, 1956, 1967, 1973. Even after their Arab neighbors gave up on military conflict, never has there been a period without terror attacks, rockets and car-bombs from Arab terrorists.
However, despite these constant assaults upon their civilian population, Israel’s technical creativity amazes the world: Israel today initiates more new companies (obtains patents, authors books and technical papers – the spark-plug for civilization advancements), than the total of the entire continent of Europe: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, etc. – as a creative country, second only to United States. The reasons for such achievement, despite Israel’s primary defensive concerns, are explained by Israelis themselves: firstly, their small country has no exploitable natural oil History Of Technology Article or mineral resources, and with two-thirds of its area a semi-arid, inhospitable desert, Israelis had to rely solely on wits, ingenuity and hard work; secondly, the military training for all young adults, forced by the exigencies of survival life among hostile neighbors – induces early maturation and leadership experience. Tapping into this pool of human resources, world-savvy investors like Warren Buffett (among the world’s richest men through financial risk and reward achievements), have established research centers in Israel for their world-wide industrial enterprises.
It is well-known, that early on, the drip irrigation methodology developed by Israel to maximize water usage, reworked its arid landscape to become green farmland and trees – the technique has now been exported world-wide for land “de-desertification” (reclaiming desert land); also well known were the the household solar-heating systems visible on every rooftop. However, less known is the fact that much of the technology which sparked the world’s electronic and communication explosion, originated in Israels’ research centers. Those were the innovations of the past. Today, Israeli researchers Science Experiments are developing the world’s finest city-wide electric car system – by the end of this year, the world’s first all-electric car system will be up and running in Israel, a most unlikely setting. The cars, built by Renault-Nissan, will employ a network of re-charging and battery-changing stations. Also being set up in Denmark, Hawaii, California, Canada and Australia, nevertheless, Israel will be the first country to host a national electric car network – since its inception, although almost permanently being at war with its neighbors, it is Israel, where the original technology was invented.
The car looks like a regular Renault-Megane except it has no exhaust pipe, and an electric socket is located where the gas cap would be. The electric car, noticeably quieter than a gasoline auto, is powered by a 450 lb. lithium-ion battery – with a range of about 140 miles without re-charging. Drivers will plug in their cars to recharge for several hours while at home, work, or at designated (free) car-parks throughout the country. Or, they will swap empty batteries for fully-charged ones at a network of up to 200 “swap stations” throughout Israel. The electricity for the car batteries will come from new solar technology, being developed in the desert of southern Israel.

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