Upgrade Your Motherboard and Enjoy New Technology

Are you one of those power users? A power user is a person who favours speed over everything else. Maybe you deal with a lot of data transfer on your system. Maybe you’re a computer animator or video editor. Do you spend a great deal of time playing games online?
If any of these things that I have listed describe you, then maybe it’s time you considered upgrading your systems motherboard. Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence Upgrading your motherboard is a very attractive proposition when you consider the many benefits to it.
Here are just some of the things that you’ll have access to if you do decide to upgrade: SATA2, 8GB RAM Support, PCIe Slots and Crossfire or SLI capabilities for those of you who are into gaming. Your motherboard will also be able to handle dual and quad core processors. You could have access to all of this for under $200.
So what kind of speed improvement should you expect to see? Well there are a number of improvements. For example, the old PCI slot has a transfer rate of 133MB/s whereas the new PCIe Slot has a transfer rate of 2.5GB/s. You’ll also have access to SATA2 technology which is significantly faster at 3.0GB/s than anything you’ve ever used, and last but not least the USB2.0 ports that have a transfer rate of 480MB/s.
If you’re a gamer, then you might want to try your hands on a dual-GPU graphics card system. The two technologies Characteristics Of Instructional Technology Crossfire from ATI and SLI from Nvidia require specific motherboards in order to be utilised.

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