US Military Aviation Technology Needs In My Opinion

Air Superiority has helped the US win more wars than I can care to remember, and thus, it’s an important aspect to warfare, as it is the higher ground which allows and eagle’s eye of the battlefield. Today that higher ground is as high as space, but the ability to lock on target and strategically remove the evil doers of our time makes all the difference in the world.
Over the last good many years, I’ve had the chance to participate with the Online Think Tank and discuss all sorts of new technologies, Computer Technician Skills Resume manufacturing processes, and revolutionary concepts in business, government, education, business, and military.
Perhaps, this is why someone recently asked me what sorts of new technologies would I wish to see for the US Military in the aviation sector, in other words US Naval Air Power, and for the United States Air Force. Well, I put together a quick list of 8-items that we should be considering or already have in the works. Obviously, I wouldn’t be at liberty to say which project may already have been started, although I also believe I have a pretty good handle on it, as I watch the technologies progress from research labs to companies, and which companies bid on which weapons system projects.
Anyway, below is my list; for Air Force/Naval Air I want:
1.) Noise projection tools
2.) Holographic decoys with electronic signature to draw Hand Held SAMs, anti-aircraft, with satellite assisted target lock to take out defensive SAM threats
3.) Downloadable information to ground blue force from UAVs, satellites, Advantages Of Green Biotechnology with bogus misdirection downloads to red force cyber hackers.
4.) EM pulse weapons
5.) Weather Control
6.) Time, Sound, Light Cloaking
7.) Put enemy to sleep weapons
8.) Super in-line bunker buster train missiles, with first in missile ejecting a camera on a parachute to film the penetration of the rest of the missiles on the exact same point.
Now then, some of these technologies appear to be somewhat abstract concepts, and I grant you that, however, all are feasible in the present period and easy enough to bring to fruition. In fact, I’d say we are ready to go for it now, and obviously just in looking at this list you can quickly see why we should, why we must.
In the future our stealth technology will not be enough, besides our adversaries may very well have that same technology themselves. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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