Voyager Health Review

Voyager Health Technologies is a new MLM company that will be launching in December of 2010. It is a division of Brand Neue Corp. which is an established Las Vegas company that has worldwide operations sourcing, developing, marketing, distributing and branding innovative products. This new launch also involves an already established network marketing company; TriUnity which was sold by its founder Greg Gunderson to Voyager Health Technologies. Under the merger between the two companies Greg Gunderson will be sponsored in as a lead distributor in the new opportunity. All distributors in the TriUnity program will be moved directly into the new program under Greg Gunderson when the launch takes place in December.
The initial product line of Voyager Health Technologies will included the nutritional supplements that were marketed by TriUnity and other additional supplements. These products are targeted at obesity and weight-loss, antioxidative protection, inflammatory control, circulatory health, ADHD, enhanced cognitive function and immune health. The company also has plans to offer products amid at benefiting children’s health. The company’s focus will be on the North American Market and providing distributors and preferred customers with ongoing health and wellness education through webinars, internet video, and live training seminars.
There are currently no details released on the compensation plan or incentives that will be offered. As with all pre-launch campaigns it is expected details about High Tech Products the plan will be released over time to build excitement and curiosity. The pay plan is expected have some innovative characteristics and attractive bonuses.
This is a legitimate business opportunity for individuals considering joining a network marketing company. It can be beneficial to join when a company is just in pre-launch before the masses start jumping on board. However, How Has Technology Improved Science the only way to have a chance at success in this challenging industry is, to have a solid work ethic, the ability to brand ones self as a leader and an effective plan to attract a steady stream of recruits to join.

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