Water Purification Technology – Do You Know Which One is the Best?

Are you confused with the large range of water purifiers available in the market? Wondering which is the right one for you? Well, I think the best way to help take this decision is to understand the water purification technology being used by the filter.
There are numerous methods of water purification available. Some of them are good while some of them are better. One thing for sure is that water supplied to our homes is so bad and contaminated, that any water purification technology, irrespective of which one you choose, is a must to have. The water available in our homes is just not suitable for consumption.
Here are few most common methods of water purification:
(i) Water Distillation: This is the oldest water purification technology where the water is heated till it converts into vapors and eventually moves to second container leaving the heavy contaminants behind in the first container.
This method is good in removing most of the contaminants but not the ones like chlorine which themselves turn into vapors and Wilmington University Web Design move along with the water vapors to the second container. Thus the water produced by such filters is not absolutely pure.
(ii) Reverse Osmosis: This is one of the craziest ways of purifying water. In this technique, water is forced under pressure to pass through a semi-permeable porous membrane. Water molecules being smaller in size pass through the membrane while contaminants being larger are left behind.
This method is again good in filtering out most of the organic and chemical contaminants but it simply does not work for chlorine and pharmaceutical drugs. Also, since essential minerals present in natural water are larger in size, they are also separated from the water. Thus, producing de-mineralized water. Drinking such water can lead to multiple mineral deficiencies.
(iii) Ion Exchange and Carbon Filtration: In my view, this is the best technique to ensure clean and pure drinking Online Shopping Sites For Gadgets water. This is basically a combination of two techniques which requires multi stage filtering of water.
The multi stage water purifiers which are based on this technique are usually equipped with two filters. The first one has a carbon filter which efficiently removes chlorine and additionally enhances the pH balance of the water.
The second filter is based on the principle of ion exchange methodology wherein the harmful lead and copper traces present in the water are exchanged for useful potassium and sodium ions.
The multi stage water purification technology has the power of two effective techniques which are specialized in removing specific contaminants and generating absolutely pure water.
So, there you have it. With this information in hand, I am sure now it will be a lot easier for you to decide which water purification technology to choose. Don’t wait. Make a decision and enjoy the taste of pure and healthy water.

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