Ways to Secure the Home Wireless Technology

Wireless networking has become the most popular technology in different sectors because it is widely available, affordable and at the same time easy to use. The traditional wired connection had various security problems so it is quite obvious that the wireless connection with internet facility will also have similar problems. Some of the common threats of home wireless networking technology are as follows,
Threats of Wireless Technology
1. Piggybacking
2. Wardriving
3. Unauthorized computer assess
So to protect the home or office wireless technology proper measures should be undertaken to maintain security. This will also help in reducing the virus attacks with will increase its durability. With the help of new technology it is possible to secure the system. The following steps can be helpful.
Steps for maintain Home Wireless Networking Technology
Make the Wireless Networking Invisible
Wireless connection can announce their presence to other wireless enable computers which enable them to easily access your connection. To avoid such problems it is important to disable the identifier broadcasting system by making your computer invisible to others. Follow the instruction in the manual to follow specific ways to do so.
Rename the Wireless Networking Technology
The name of the networking system is addressed to the “service set identifier” or “extended service set identifier”. New Products And Services 2018 It is important to name the networking system as the default name is widely used to gain unauthorized access.
Encrypt the Network Traffic
The encryption process enables the computer wireless traffic to be coded so that it is recognized by only computers with correct key to that code. With the help of this only encrypted traffic is allowed to access the wireless networking system
Changing the administrator Password
The password should be personalized and should be easily identified by others to access the computer. It is better to change the password to one that is logs and contain non- alphanumeric characters.
Use File Sharing with Caution. It is better to disable file sharing on the computer if it is not necessary.
It is also important to keep the wireless access point of the software and the patches to repair bags up-to-date. Apart from this it is also important to check the internet provider’s wireless security option, public wireless threats, peer-to-peer connection, wireless sniffing, shoulder surfing etc. Also collect relevant information from online technology resources to understand the process properly.
Implement these following steps to maintain the List Of Technologies security of home wireless networking system.

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