We Are Forewarned of New Technology Hype Cycles, But I Have Another Beef With All This

As the coordinator for a think tank which operates online, I see some problems with the way we approach innovation and new technologies in the United States. Specifically, I have a problem with how we fund research and development especially at the University level. You see, even though the universities use grad students to do most of the work, I do not feel as if we are getting enough bang for our buck. This is because it seems often that the universities are not careful with the way they spend the money.
Perhaps I might be so bold as to suggest that; we are funding the wrong things and the wrong people. You see, if you fund folks to study and do research, they will research it forever, where is the incentive to expedite or take risks. Where’s the incentive to go to the next step to actually develop prototypes, and test them, even if it means crashing and burning. I can tell you this, garage entrepreneurs and inventors are not afraid to try new things, and they are working on a very limited budget.
After all, if you are a garage inventor, you have to earn a living, and you have to make do with the amount of money you have available to build whatever it is you are building. That means New Electronics you have to cut corners and cut costs, but the amount of bang for your buck is 10 times more efficient than the money that us taxpayers give the universities for their research.
Indeed, at the University level they buy hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment for perhaps just one project. A garage entrepreneur, inventor, or innovator can’t do that. Further, if a garage innovator walks over to the University and asks to borrow Classroom Management Technology Tools some of their equipment, the answer is no. But the answer should be yes because it is the public funding it. There seems to be a problem here, and it has a lot to do with pet projects, politics, and the way that we fund innovation in the United States.
If we as taxpayers fund companies which are startups, which are involved with venture capitalist funds, we must understand that the venture capitalists are out to make money, and they will make money, but what does the public end up getting for that. A new innovation, a new invention, the patents, or rights to give to other startups and industry? Generally not.
I would submit to you that there is a better way to fund innovation in the United States, and to get more bang for our buck, and the longer we wait to try these new methods the more often we will be passed over by other nations who understand such free-market principles without all the petty politics and academic hogwash. We can do better than this, I know we can, and I’m almost upset enough to prove it. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this.

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