Web 2.0 – Facts and Trends

Web 2.0 has been actively used by internet enthusiasts, companies, futurists since the last few years. What actually is web 2.0? Is it a service? Is it a product? Is it a thing?
Answers to all the above are NO. It is a state of mind. Yes that’s correct it can mean different things to different people, depending upon your state of mind. For a web application to qualify as Web 2.0 it has to have open data formats, participative architecture and rich user experience. Today we realize that web is slowing changing from document delivery system to an application platform. Developers and Development companies are building applications which are powered by faster, crisper and efficient technologies.
AJAX once seen as a high level component of web applications is being used in almost all new applications. This gives the end user power to operate and run a web application in the same manner as he runs his regular desktop application. Web 2.0 Development focuses on giving user Problems With Technology In Society the control, the power to interact and flexibility to reach via multiple channels like web or mobile. As we move along this highway we will be allowed to share opinions, wants, needs and motivations thus connecting people and making information accessed faster, cheaper, better.
The web economy will mature further in the next decade and web 2.0 development companies will be a major player in shaping it and bringing it to its full glory. The unique combination of technological and cultural factors will not only see web taking over desktop but also emerge as the main anchor of all our digital needs.
Web 2.0 is just the beginning of the shift over to internet from desktop. The next few years will see technology companies putting internet to almost all the gadgets. This revolution has already started with mobile and will be extended to all our modern day equipments. The data will be accessed via one central storage server and the user will be able to access via an array of devices. A computer or a laptop without internet will only be as good as a GSM mobile without sim card. So internet will become important, it will overtake all technologies and platforms Information Technology Vs Information Systems and will be core of all people and enterprises alike. Web 2.0 will probably give way to newer internet technologies and formats which will be built on the strengths and the openness provided by web 2.0 which treats user not only as view only user but a collaborator of application itself who participates actively in building and elaborating the application. The shift to the web is beginning and the wave of web will be become stronger and stronger in the coming years catapulting small internet companies into big league. Wait and watch this space!

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