Web Development – Springing to Life

As the accessibility of the internet develops in leaps and bounds, do too do the websites and applications which populate it. A few years ago choosing what frameworks, programmes, languages and tools to use during the development of a website was a simple process, but with the recent introduction of open-source and community projects there are hundreds of frameworks, applications and infrastructures for web developers to choose from. One of the pioneers of these open-source technologies is SpringSource.
The source of innovation
SpringSource is a specialised division of the global leader in cloud-based infrastructures VMWare Inc. SpringSource employs and collaborates with the leaders of open-source development communities to create new website development technologies which are innovative and productive. Applied Technology Wilmington University Quickly becoming a global leader in Java application developments, SpringSource has introduced a comprehensive range of technologies to build, run and manage Java based websites and web applications including Apache and Tomcat Spring Servers and Hyperic Data Manager Centres.
Building innovation with 2019 Key Issues In Teaching And Learning the Spring Framework
SpringSource’s signature Spring Framework is a popular and globally used development framework that enables web developers to build high quality web applications and websites in an efficient way. The Spring Framework encourages the use of consistent coding, programming and configuration to improve developer productivity. Spring has transformed the way web developers programme and build by making J2EE (Java 2 platform Enterprise Edition) platforms easier to use through the promotion of good programming practices. Available as a free community edition, and as an enterprise edition suitable for larger businesses and enterprises, web developers can use Spring to quickly and easily build lightweight internet applications.
Getting productive with Groovy & Grails
SpringSource has also created an advanced and sophisticated web application platform and programming language, Groovy & Grails, to deliver new levels of developer productivity. Groovy is a dynamic object-orientated programming (OOP) language that has been created to improve the development of Java based platforms. Groovy encourages developers to use data structured objects to develop websites and applications, improving the productivity of developers and reducing build times. An open source web application platform, Grails is a high-productivity framework which follows principals such as Convention over Configuration to improve the way websites and applications are built.
Although sharing many of the high-productivity features of other open-source frameworks and languages like Ruby on Rails, Groovy & Grails is suitable for Java developers that require a more integrated development environment and non-Java developers that require a high-productivity development environment.
The right tools for the job
SpringSource’s unique Tool SuiteA� – STS is an Eclipse-powered building environment for Spring enterprise applications. STS combines the development tools needed to build and manage enterprise Spring and Java based applications, as well as additional tooling for the development of enterprise OSGi applications. STS provides developers with direct application targeting and management tools for local, virtual and cloud-based servers.

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