What Are Hybrid Cars?

Lately there has been emphasis on carbon fuel alternatives. As it a pressing need of the environment, it catches the attention of various global bodies and is the topic of various government policies. Reducing the carbon pollution from the diesel and gasoline/petrol vehicles on the road can keep a check on global warming. As millions of vehicles running on these fossil fuels emits carbon monoxide and other harmful products, our environment, including the sensitive ozone layer is damaged. Apart from that these pollutants cause number of health problems like asthma, allergy and cancer among others.
Now reducing the carbon emissions would be a good idea, however the surging number of vehicles, makes it very difficult to keep a check on the pollution as even with strict emission norms, the total load on the environment is immense.
The solution then, would be using an alternative form of fuel, so that the carbon emission is kept to a minimum. Now with lot of research and government funding in various countries, the Hybrid vehicle has been launched. It is a combination of a normal gasoline/petrol engine and an electrical power input. Charging them on the normal electrical power input can be done overnight and usually the battery is charged within a 6-12 hours time period.
It can run alternatively on both these form of energy. As electrical energy, has no carbon emissions, it is very environment and health friendly.There are other benefits like:
1.reduced cost of fuel
2.reduced maintenance cost.
3.not affected by rising fuel prices.
And above all
4.minimizing environmental pollution.
Earlier experimental cars, like the solar car, had the disadvantage of having reduced power. However the hybrid cars have been made without compromising too much on power and endurance. These cars can cover long distances and are quite reliable.
It meets the pressing demand to reduce the amount of carbon emission on the road. From initial trials with solar cars or electrical cars, the hybrid vehicle has emerged. It has superior power and endurance, then the solar or solely electrical powered vehicle. However the only constraint at present is the paucity Small Tech Companies of such manufacturers who can cater to the ever-growing list of new car owners, as well as the relative high initial cost of such a hybrid vehicle.Although initial investments are high, the returns are favourable as this is a future technology and the resale value of such cars would be high in the market.
The engines are smaller and hence they have a reduced weight. Overall they have splendid performance, both in fuel economy as well as social acceptance. As these cars are the result of massive research, with large findings, current prices of such hybrid cars are quite high. However in the coming years, they should be within reach of the average vehicle owners.
Then they will provide a happy solution to both the environmental enthusiasts as well as car aficionados. Hybrid Technology Enhanced Learning Pdf cars should contribute greatly in the future in reducing the carbon footprints of current day automobiles.

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