What Are The Best Source Tech Toner and Printer Products?

Source Tech has made many great attributes to the office world; One of them being their printers and toner product line. This company has continuously Laptop Best Price Performance Ratio wowed their customers and allowed their company to overcome any obstacles that they and their customers companies may have been experiencing.
The CMC7 has been known to come with may security features for your protection. They have a software password protection system which will allow you to monitor what is being printed and when. Also, it stops documents from getting into the wrong hands with encryption and decryption software and the secure tray and drawer locking options in both directions. There is also hardware protection included in each unit.
Although this printer model is meant for confidential documents, it prints at a high resolution of 1200 x 1200 DPI. This is the same resolution Tech Policy Issues 2018 that photo printers use. If you would like, you can print on glossy paper just the same with your logo or with photographs.
The printer holds 300 pages in the input tray with a 150 sheet output tray holding capacity. As your company grows you will be able to upgrade to an 850 input tray if you need to. It doesn’t come that way so you won’t need to get it right away but it is possible to upgrade when it needs to happen.
The ST 9612 MICR printer is a network ready printer that is the best for businesses and home offices on the more price sensitive side. It is a quality desk top printer that is capable of printing on-demand AP, payroll and checks. It prints at speeds of 35 pages per minute so you can get things done quickly and take control of the outcome. The security features are there to help keep everything safe and secure though.
This printer also has the security tray, door locking, unique printer fonts, password protection software and even copy count and jam recovery control. It will spray red ink all over the documents so they cannot be used by anyone else.
Source Tech knows how hard it is to find the right printer for your specific needs. That is why they have come up with everything possible and packed each model printer with all the features you need and then more. This adds convenience for you so you don’t have to search for that one specific printer that fits right for you, but rather find the brand that already fulfills every one of your need and then has some extra too.

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