What’s Your iPad? Why 90% of CEOs Fail to Innovate (And How You Learn How to Think Like Steve Jobs)

He’s done it again. With the iPad, Steve Jobs & Apple have launched another game-changing device. Orders & sales are through the roof. The industry is in awe. The device may well change the way we consume newspapers and television alike. But what’s so special about the way Steve Jobs and Apple think and work? How can small and medium-sized business owners apply the same methods to their companies and products? How can they get ready for the economic rebound – with products that are as fresh and game-changing as the iPad?

In short: What does it take to think like Steve Jobs?

Do you have to be a genius? Do you have to be a technological nerd? Do you have to be lucky enough to have that sudden overnight inspiration?

Forget the myths. Game Changing Innovation emerges from changing the way you think. Go radical. All it takes is a few proven steps and mind-opening techniques (for ideas, check out the book The Impossible Advantage). And a white sheet of paper and a pen.

And yet, 9 out of 10 CEO’s fail with their innovation, year after year.

Why? Because they insist on the wrong way of thinking Modern Agriculture Machin – and don’t learn from their mistakes.

Error #1: Innovation is not my responsibility. I delegate the subject to dedicated ‘specialist’ departments.

Error #2: The most important thing is to listen carefully to customers and give them the innovation they are asking for.

Error #3: The best innovation is based on a technological Technology Development In World patent that we can own exclusively.

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Error #4: Our technological experts in the research&development department are the most competent originator for sustainable innovation.

Error #5: Innovation is a continuous process of upgrading and improving our product lineups.

Error #6: If we are not the first with an innovation trend, we should at least be the first follower

Avoid these common traps, open your mind, get involved, and you’ll be well-positioned for the economic recovery.