Who Wants to Build a Solar Water Heater?

It is now common knowledge that the water heater in most houses is responsible for up to 33% of the power bill, and many homeowners are considering alternative ways to get hot water. Depending on location and exposure, for many of them a solar water heater is a viable alternative, and there are suppliers of well designed and well made water heaters almost everywhere. But the choice Technology Tools 2019 to install a solar water heater is also a choice to live more intimately with the planet. It is a decision to begin to observe the seasons and the tides, so to speak. And there is no better way to initiate this process than hands-on. Building your own solar water heater reduces the amount of power you must buy, and at the same time strengthen the bond between you and the planet.
Solar water heaters have been around for centuries. The first patent in the US dates back into the 1800’s. And while developments in materials and machines have made the typical heater a fairly sophisticated affair, the basic principles have not changed in all that time. Water needed by the homeowner to make his or her life more Application Of Red Biotechnology comfortable or convenient is heated by the sun. Even prior to the patents, setting a bathtub outside in the afternoon to allow the sun to heat the water for an evening bath utilized this principle. What the “invention” did was to make the principle available in a greater variety of situations, for a larger range of users.
Today there are a multitude of solar heater technologies available. Some use pumps to circulate the water and some don’t. Some heat the water directly and some introduce a heat-accepting liquid which transfers the heat to the water. Some even store the heated water I the same container that is exposed to the sun, while for others the storage is remote. These different types each satisfy a different set of conditions, whether climatic or environmental, and each requires the homeowner to choose which is most appropriate for their condition. But there is an appropriate solar water heater for just about everyone, and that is where the fun begins. For the hobbyist or the novice, the job of selecting the type of heater, planning the project, finding the plans, getting the materials and finally assembling and enjoying the benefits of the heater is a rewarding exercise, as well as a great way to reduce the cost of living.
So, who wants to build their own Solar Water Heater?

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