Why Major in Information Technology?

Many young people have trouble identifying what career they should pursue in college, in part because they feel that all are important, all will contribute in some way to a better life for the human race. Medicine will provide cures for the diseases that now devastate the world. Education will edify the minds of the men and women of the generations to come. Lawyers will allow justice and democracy to prevail against all odds. But when they think of the future, a new thought appears: What field has advanced the most in the past thirty years? What field of knowledge has brought advances in every other field? What field is practically unlimited in applications and progress? The answer is evident: Information Technology (IT).
The general image that comes to people’s minds at the thought of Information Technology is usually some computer geek sitting in front of a screen all day. What they do not realize is that IT is involved in nearly all of their daily activities, from a simple bank transaction, to Fastest Growing Industries a CAT scan that will detect a tumour and save their lives. IT is universal, with useful applications in all fields of knowledge, providing the structure and technology to make complex processes simple and straightforward, and providing the tools for the advancement of mankind.
The word future is an important one for young people, for it will be the period of time they will live most of their lives in. The future is where they are going, and they must be ready for this future. Information Technology is also heading towards the future. Every day it develops and progresses; much like a young person, it unfolds and shows new capacities, new uses and applications for its knowledge. IT is the career of the future, for its limitless possibilities allow it limitless progress and applications. There will always be a need for Information Technology; there will always be a need for new and better ways to organize and create. All fields of science and knowledge now depend on it: physics, chemistry, economy, medicine, astronomy, even literature. IT is the universal tool for the progress of all fields and will always be in demand. Any person with knowledge of IT is ahead of others in many fields of life, any worker with knowledge of IT is likely to be more efficient.
Information Technology is the field that allows the advancement of all others, and without it mankind would not have been able to achieve what it has built today. The economic and social rise of new societies will require Benefits Of Biotechnology In Agriculture an expanding use of IT for their future development, and it will allow the betterment of living conditions for millions across the globe. Information technology is undoubtedly the base of modern science and progress.

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