Why Predictive Dialers Are Not the Best Solution

If you’re looking for a predictive dialer, it’s likely because you’ve been sold on all of the intrinsic benefits:

In sales and marketing, they dramatically increase the amount of productive time an agent spends on the phone. Agents spend time talking, not dialing.

They automate the dialing process so the rep doesn’t have to think/choose/decide when and who to call.

More sophisticated systems can leave voice messages when they detect an answering machine/voicemail.

On the surface, it’s a win/win, right? What most predictive dialer vendors don’t tell you are the costs:

No matter how sophisticated the technology is, there’s always a delay in how fast an agent connects to a live call, and no matter how much vendors try to deny it, the call recipients know it. In today’s age, it’s an instant cue to the call recipient that they’re about to get a sales pitch.

No matter how sophisticated the algorithm, there’s always going to be call recipients who get stuck in a queue–and then drop the call because they’re not going to wait around to get a “sales pitch.” This is what’s called an abandoned call, and the government mandates that predictive dialer technologies can have no more than a 3% call abandonment rate.

Even if you keep your abandon rate low, the problem is you’re still dropping live contacts off the dialer. And now you’ve got to get the dialer to call them again, find the same live pick-up they’ve already irritated–and then try to make a sales pitch. By the time you’ve called through a list on a predictive dialer, chances are you’ve made a bad impression on 1/3 of the entire list before you ever make contact with them.

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The bottom line: call recipients hate getting calls from a predictive dialer–and you do too.

The Alternative Tech Presents For Men

So why do companies keep using them? There’s really only two answers to this:

They don’t care that they’re angering their prospects, and the productivity gains outweigh the downsides. If you’re one of these, then this document isn’t written for you.

They don’t know that there are excellent alternatives that can reach 80 to 90 percent of the total productivity of a predictive dialer without any of the down sides.

Simply put, a different dialer model is now available that outperforms older dialer systems, called “Predictive 2.0.”

The Benefits of Predictive 2.0

“Predictive 2.0” is nothing like Predictive 1.0 dialing technology. Predictive 2.0 isn’t about hitting the right number of calls and simply keeping agents busy on the phone. Predictive 2.0 is about predicting who the most valuable potential contacts are at any given point in time, and then optimizing the dialer system to reach them.

A dialer with predictive 2.0 technology doesn’t call ahead and try to predict when an agent is going to be available. Because every agent is on a single Importance Of Technology In Education Quotes line and they place the calls themselves, there’s never a delay, or an abandoned call to tip off the recipient that they’ve been called using a dialer.

A Predictive 2.0 system can help you hit nearly the same dialing numbers as a predictive dialer–but the end results are vastly superior, because you haven’t angered your call base before you ever reach them, and calls can be more finely tuned and tailored to get the right agent, with the right approach, in front of the right leads.

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Predictive 2.0 technology ensures that you get the highest possible value for every lead you put into the system, because you can completely control how, who, and when every single lead is called, and which reps are doing the calling.

For some organizations with very narrow, specific operational needs, or when the company doesn’t care about angering customers or burning through leads, a predictive dialer can be an acceptable solution.

But for most companies and industries, and especially when the marketing cost of generating leads is high, a dialer with Predictive 2.0 technology is by far the best solution, and should be used for optimal sales and marketing results.