Why Renewable Energy Needs More Time?

Renewable energy is becoming more and more important energy option. World is well aware that renewables are our only chance to tackle climate change, and this is the main reason why we hear so many different news and reports about new solar, wind, biomass and geothermal projects.
Even despite this recent popularity renewable power sector will need plenty of time before being able to put a serious challenge that would end the fossil How To Check Battery Mah In Android Phone fuels dominance. Fossil fuels do not only have tradition on their side but also very powerful lobbies that control politics as much as possible.
Science is focused on finding solutions that would give renewables more artillery in fight against fossil fuels, such as solving intermittency issue of solar and wind, making wind turbines and solar panels more efficient, and overall decrease the costs of renewable energy technologies.
Science and technology hold the key of clean energy future, and only with the help of science and technology can energy sources Principles Of Effective Instruction such as solar and wind become economically viable, and cost-competitive with fossil fuels like coal and natural gas.
The good thing is certainly the rapid development of many renewable power technologies, and the bad news is that renewable energy economics still isn’t comparable with fossil fuels, and this will by all means have to change in years to come.
In the meantime world media should continue promoting clean energy sources because this is the only way to not only save our planet from global warming but also to ensure future energy security.

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