Why Should You Manage and Monitor Your Network?

Network configuration management is the setting and changing, as well as the restoring and collecting, of various information Red And Green Biotechnology about the different network devices that comprises your company – bridges, routers, workstations, servers, and so on.
Networks of whatever size always contain fluctuating information. Any of the personnel assigned for every network can readily change the configuration of the routers and switches in any time. Configurations made on live equipments can have serious effects on the reliability of the network and the services it provides.
Having a proper network configuration management system saves you time and lets you reduce the errors done in the network because of the flawed configuration done on network devices. Network management is designed to give you control over the network changes done, to abridge your network managing jobs and to address configuration problems easily.
One aspect of the many functions involved in network management is network performance monitoring. It is the use of a system that constantly monitors a particular computer network for slow and malfunctioning components. It will also notify the network administrator for minor problems like outages through email, page, or other alarms.
A lot of people might wonder what the use of monitoring your network is. Well, there are a lot of benefits that you can get when you monitor your network. It will benefit both you and your organization surprisingly. Here are some of the reasons why network performance monitoring is beneficial for you and your company.
Through network monitoring, you will be able to conduct investigation to employees whom you suspect are guilty of internet abuse. This has become a rampant problem in most companies by the year – employees are abusing their internet privileges by chatting with their friends while at work, shopping while on the clock, conducting online stock rates, etc. All these things lead to a significant loss in productivity and a decrease in your company’s profit.
You will also be able to drastically increase the productivity of your employees if you monitor them properly. An increase in productivity means an increase in the company’s profit. An estimate of at least 75 minutes every day is used for non-work related activities in your company computers. That would be an annual loss of $6,250 per employee in revenue, assuming that you are paying your employees the US wage of $20 per hour.
Lastly, you will also be able to eliminate leaking of confidential material within your company if you monitor your employees properly. Your company’s most important asset is the information that you withhold. This could be your New Innovative Products In The Market 2019 trade secrets, your dear company strategies, latest product development and so on. All of this information are very much accessible to your employees and if you do not monitor them closely, they could be in dangerous hands.

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