Wireless Series (Part 3) – Why is Your Tongue Blue?

This is the final segment of my three part Wireless Technologies series. Today’s wireless technology is called Bluetooth. Despite how suggestive the title might be, Bluetooth is not the condition How To Check Battery Mah In Android Phone that you get when you enjoy a blue Popsicle or blueberries. However, if your tongue could turn blue from using Bluetooth technology, wouldn’t that be the coolest thing ever?!:)
(NOTE: Bluetooth is a little easier to explain than Wi-Fi & 3G…. OK MUCH easier.:))
Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard that’s used to exchange data across short distances using short length radio waves. It is used with fixed (such as cars) and mobile (such as cell phones) devices to create a personal area network (or PAN for short) with high levels of security. Bluetooth was developed by Ericsson (the telecom vendor who makes mobile devices, etc.) in 1994. It can connect several devices together without having synchronization problems.
Now you may ask, “So how is Bluetooth used in every day for me?”. Glad you asked! Chances are you are using it at some point every day and don’t even know it. For example, the MacBook Pro that I Computer Technology News am typing on right now is transmitting a Bluetooth signal so my wireless Apple Magic Mouse can communicate with it. Wireless computer keyboards use Bluetooth in the exact same way as a mouse.
In cars, Bluetooth is used for hands-free calling technology so your cellphone can use your car’s audio system to make phone calls. Since we’re on the topic of cell phones, you may occasionally see someone who appears to be talking to his or her self. When they turn around, you see one of those wireless ear pieces attached to their head. That is a Bluetooth adapter for your phone so you can keep your cell in your pocket yet talk on the phone via the adapter’s ear and mouth piece.
All of these technologies use Bluetooth because the transmission distance is so short. Plus having that personal area network with high security ensures your phone calls and wireless devices are operating safely.
For a more in-depth explanation on Bluetooth, check out the definition for Bluetooth on Wikipedia.

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